Everything You Need to Know About Maadi Neighborhood
postRamy Sultan
Saturday, August 19, 2023

Maadi is one of the best places to live in Egypt. Maadi is a prestigious old neighborhood located south of Cairo. Maadi most wonderful and interesting neighborhood in Egypt. It has a lot to offer. Living in Maadi is very interesting. Maadi, which is quite famous for its vast green areas and calm atmosphere of peace and serenity, is home for many international expatriates and high-class Egyptians. There are many embassies are located in Maadi such as those of South Africa, Argentina, and Peru. There are plenty of wonderful trees everywhere, birds chirping, a great place to wake up go running or biking. Also, Street 9, where you can go to eat and walk. You will find the best cafés, restaurants, international Schools or even bookstores. You will enjoy walking in Maadi area that is known for its the peace and luxury. Maadi streets are covered by leafy trees with an enjoyable atmosphere.  You will find all facilities and international schools in Maadi such as Community Service Association (CSA) - Maadi Club - Maadi Grand Mall - Cairo American College (CAC)... etc. You will love the lifestyle in Maadi. 

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