Zamalek is one of the best area to live in Egypt
postRamy Sultan
Saturday, August 19, 2023

    Why Zamalek considered one of the best areas in Cairo

  For many reasons, the neighbor has huge historical stores. One of them that it was taken by the British army cam in 1800. it is known as El Gezira. it is suited in the middle of the greater Cairo also surrounded by the Nile which makes it very nice are to live in. Moreover plenty of old trees around each and every corner of it. 

    Zamalek neighborhood is located in western Cairo on the northern part of Gezira Island in the Nile River. It is one of the affluent residential districts in Egypt. Zamalek offers all the charm of an island, plus all the culture of a big city. Zamalek is still considered the home of embassies in Cairo. There are a bunch of embassies in Zamalek such as:
*Embassy of Ireland.
*Embassy of Canada.
*Embassy of Sweden.
*Embassy of the Netherlands
*Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain.
*Embassy of Mauritius.
*Embassy of Colombia.
*Embassy of Lebanon.
*Embassy of Bahrain.
*Embassy of Libya.
*Embassy of Oman.
*Embassy of India.
     There are several international schools in Zamalek:
*Lycée Français du Caire.
*The Pakistan International School Cairo.
*British International School.
*American City College (CIS)
*Millennium International School

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